Our new conference room and inexpensive conference packages are sure to delight the moderators and participants in your meeting, hotel conference or hotel expo in Rothenburg. Coupled with our superior rooms and you're sure to please any TCM congress participants.

Forgetting something? No worries, we can get it for you - as we have everything on site!

Equipped with Canon HDMI ceiling projectors and a very wide projection surface, moderator board, moderator case, flipchart boards, overhead projector, metaplan pens, Bose SoundConcept, plenty of daylight with a garden view, full air conditioning, ergonomic seating for added comfort with intervertebral disc support, as well as a molded seat shell which you can sit comfortably for hours and glare-free lighting scenes to quickly set moods that are convincing at a first glance.

Meetings, seminars or conferences directly in Rothenburg for up to 30 people: Also as a small TCM congress base for any pre-meetings. Aligned and prepared by specialists, nothing is left to chance. Meet successfully, in a top conference hotel, like professionals right from the start: