we do not have own Parking spaces!

But there are more than enough public parking spaces very close on P4, just 2 minutes away by foot, sometimes also in front of the hotel.

Quicker than the traffic warden!

Parking Spaces cannot be reserved and have to be paid for. Use the digital Parkster App to buy your ticket, extend or shorten it very comfortably from anywhere with your mobile phone.

Some guest expect to have free car parking space. Please understand that properties in Rothenburg  within the townwalls are very, very rare and costly. If we would have an own car park, we would have to charge you as well. Trust us, you will find always a space for your car very close to us.

You can always drive up to the Prinzhotel Rothenburg right in front of the door to load and unload.

See the map below how close P4 is...


All parking spaces in Rothenburg are subject to charges. Paid public parking is available inside and outside the city. You can park for free from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. - outside this time you need a parking ticket or vignette.

We recommend the public car park P4 from all car parks P1 to P5, which can be reached on foot from our hotel in less than 5 minutes through a small slip in the city wall (street Röderschütt). Here is more information about parking in Rothenburg. More info for parking in Rothenburg here.

The parking lot P4 is closer than all the otherparking lots and also a little cheaper than the existing parking lots within the city, which otherwise cost EUR 10.00 per day.

From parking lot P4, by foot, it takes less than 5 minutes through a slip in the city wall. This path is also suitable for wheelchair users. The guest sticker for this is EUR 5.00 per day.

In the case of old town closures, special entry regulations apply.


Bus operators have to buy a bus vignette to be able to drive into the city. There is a designated prescribed bus route created by the police to our Prinzhotel Rothenburg, which has rules that must be followed, otherwise there is a risk of impending fines.