Due to the extreme staff shortage on the job market, we cannot offer you the usual broader culinary variety we are known for. Alternatively, we offer a little snack menu, BUT ACTUAL OPENING TIMES NEED TO BE CHECKED WITH RECEPTION.  Thank you for your understanding.

Do you love good homemade burgers in Rothenburg and value great recipes? For our creative burgers: venison burger, goat burger or duck burger, our chef placed great thought in making each burger preparation diversified. This of course, follows the standard quality of all our Topinambur dishes. Our restaurant Topinambur is located directly in the Prinzhotel, Rothenburg.

In the summer, you can find us up in the air! On our cool terrace, we celebrate BBQ grill with great burgers: duck burger, goat burger, XXL burger and other burger variations, every Tuesday. We offer meat, fish and vegetables in all variations directly from the Weber grill. 


Burger Specials - Week by week


Prince Burger® brand by topinambar /180g beef
Bacon  Salad  Onion  Tomato  Cucumber  Salsa sauce  Cheese  Potato wedges 1,4,5,6,9,10,12
EUR 14.50




Prinz-Burger XL® brand by topinambar /360g beef
The merciless beef challenge
Bacon  Salad  Onion  Tomato  Cucumber  Salsa sauce  Cheese  Potato wedges 1,4,5,6,9,10,12
EUR 19.80




Goat cheese burger® brand by topinambar
180g beef  goat cheese  lettuce  cucumber  tomato
Rocket salad  Honey mustard dip  Potato wedges 1,4,5,9,10,12
EUR 16.00




Ducks Prinz-Burger® brand by  topinambar
180g duck meat  grilled vegetables  salad  bacon  mountain cheese
orange salsa  onion  herb sour cream  potato wedges 1,4,5,9,10,12
EUR 16.50




Vegan Prinz-Burger® brand by topinambar
Tofu marinated with chili and soy  Onion jam  Salad  Wakame  Cucumber
Relish  Sweet Chili  Potato Wedges 5,6,9,10
EUR 14.50

Allergy ingredient list

By the way, the numbers located next to each food option on the menu, are not lottery numbers, but allergens that we are obliged to state:
1 = eggs, 2 = fish, 3 = crustaceans, 4 = milk, 5 = celery, 6 = sesame seeds, / = sulfur dioxide + sulphite, 8 = peanuts. 9 = cereals containing gluten, 10 = lupine, 11 = nuts, 12 = mustard, 13 = soybeans, 14 = molluscs