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Rothenburg accommodation of hotel Prinzhotel Rothenburg is renown for its historic touch with impressive town walls. Inside this fortification the Prinzhotel Rothenburg is located. Hotel accommodation Rothenburg at best prices inside the town walls - and not just outside! Enjoy a prime position for one night, a short break, a romantic weekend, a stage when cycling with your bike, or when hiking guarantee the ultimate Rothenburg accommodation experience.

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But the hotel Prinzhotel has much more to offer than accommodation at best price - do not forget a dedicated service which we offer. Be it a wellness weekend or a conference. Silent comforting rooms as well as the historic ambience of our hotel and the town Rothenburg make your stay memorable. We can arrange also a balloning voyage, so you can enjoy Rothenburg city from a birds eye view.

If you reserve now your Rothenburg hotel accommodation in our hotel, you are already inside Rothenburg before you even have arrived.

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