A bit like "Checkpoint Charlie".  Passing the Roedertor Gate 

It is a "give and take" passing through the Roedergate. Since it is narrow you need to be flexible and careful when driving into the first half.

  1. Check first out if a car comes, since it has the right of way coming out.
  2. Then drive into it and proceed up to the middle. Steer your car a bit to the right side, in order to allow oncoming traffic to squeeze through and maneuver.
  3. After you "arranged" yourself with the opposing traffic you drive through the second bit of the gate.

Then you drive a short bit on the "Roedergasse" until a little junction. Take the first one on the right into the "Rosengasse". Then straight right again, after a short bit into the "Hofstatt" Welcome! That is where we are - at the end of the street on the left side, right next to the wall.

All PARKING in Rothenburg is exposed to a charge. We recommend of all car parks from P1 to P5 the big public car park P4, which is easily reachable under 5 minutes by foot through a little passage in the townwall from the Prinzhotel. Also for handicapped persons.