WLAN + WiFi internet access Prinzhotel

WiFi and WLAN not only in the lobby - we offer also in all guest rooms and public areas - a hi-speed and well covered WiFi) ) ) internet access, for email-check, networking conveniently, or just surfing.

Call reception on extension Nr. 9 to obtain your personal WiFi access code. Your access code remains from first login valid for three months, ready to be used again next day, but also if you return to the Prinzhotel.

Only the active internet time will be counted down- quite fair isn't it?

Our competitive rates will beat your own expensive roaming charges by far! 

  • 1 hour     2,50 EUR

  • 2 hour     4,50 EUR

  • 24 hour 12,00 EUR (Supersaver)

Notice: Your are guest user in our network - which pleases us. But please - also it you pay -certain internet rules apply.
Forbidden are non permitted activities, like spamming,  infringement of programs and  download of pictures protected by copyrights. Please do not bring yourself - and neither us -  in the focus of official prosecution.